Resource provides tips for facilitating participatory workshops; International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Toolbox is designed for small organizations with limited funds and is split into two sections: one on advocacy planning, and one on tools.

Handbook provides tools and a conceptual understanding of advocacy to enable social justice advocacy participants to work toward overcoming resource disparity and achieving gender equality.

Newsletter contains special section on utilizing a diverse cabinet of leaders to bring a movement closer to optimum gains and successes.

Toolkit aims to support NGOs and CBOs in developing countries to plan and implement effective advocacy work around HIV/AIDS.

Guide provides the tools for people to start engaging in the advocacy process and build basic advocacy skills.

This paper examines the effects of HIV/AIDS on organizations working in severely HIV/AIDS affected areas and proposes strategies to build organizational resilience to the disease; Rick James

Guide that provides information on how to create a targeted HIV/AIDS prevention advocacy campaign and relates best practices of International Planned Parenthood Federation and other NGOs in Botswana, Cambodia, Central America, India, Kenya, Mauritius, Burma, Thailand, and Turkey.; International Planned Parenthood Federation

Information on preparing and submitting your draft action plans for the June workshop

Instructions for formatting your final Advocacy Action Plans.