Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on how you can use evidence to inform all stages of the project cycle. 

Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on the key features of M&E.

Tips paper describes participatory evaluation, why it is important, and how to conduct one.

General overview of monitoring and evaluating capacity development; Douglas Horton, Anastasia Alexaki, Samual Bennett-Lartey, Kim Noele Brice, Dindo Campilan, Fred Carden, Jose de Souza Silva, Le Thanh Duong, Ibrahim Khadar, Albina Maestrey Boza, Imrul Kayes Muniruzzaman, Jocelyn Perez, Matilde Somarriba Chang, Ronnie Vern

Document presents new ideas, case studies, innovative facts, bibliographies and result of investigations to strengthen the function of evaluation in Spanish.

Report describes the concepts and methods used to evaluate a regional capacity-development project in Latin America.

Document aims to help Save the Children program staff to understand the main concepts behind M&E and how thesecan be applied to HIV/AIDS-related projects.